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Explore 239,775 contributions from the people, companies and committees donating to political causes in Nebraska since 1999. Last updated on Feb. 20.


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Explore $139 million spent in Nebraska politics

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Advertising, mailers and other spending by independent groups has grown dramatically. In addition to usual donations and spending, you can see every time a politician was attacked or propped up by these outside committees.

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Details 75,000 purchases by campaigns and interest groups on advertising, polling, salaries, food, car leases and more.

Notable names

  • Pete Ricketts

  • Dick Holland

  • Joe and Marlene Ricketts
    Founder, Ameritrade

  • Dianne Lozier
    Lozier Foundation

  • Keep the Money in Nebraska
    Committee supporting expanded gambling

  • Gambling with the Good Life
    Committee opposed to expanded gambling

  • Nebraskans for the Death Penalty
    Committee opposed to death penalty repeal

  • Nebraskans for Public Safety
    Committee supporting death penalty repeal

  • Retain a Just Nebraska
    Committee supporting death penalty repeal

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    Largest campaign expenses, past 60 days

    Date Paid by Paid to For Amount
    Jan. 17 Al Davis For Legislature Al Davis Reimbursement Expenses 10/22/12 $40,749
    Dec. 30 Pete Ricketts For Governor Waldron, Corben Parade Supplies, Consulting, $23,064
    Dec. 31 Seiler For Unicameral Ideabank Gi Independent Ads 1566.34, Hastings Tribune Ads 7428.16, Wood River ... $17,262
    Jan. 17 Al Davis For Legislature Al Davis Reimbursement Expenses 11/8/16 $15,778
    Jan. 17 Al Davis For Legislature Al Davis Forgiveness Of Loan $14,623
    Dec. 29 Linehan For Legislature Jspray Llc Campaign Management $14,000
    Dec. 27 Jerry Johnson For Legislature Wahoo Community Foundation Donation To Several Non Profit Groups $13,250
    Dec. 27 Committee To Elect Colby Coash Acypl Final Donation To Non-Profit $10,215
    Dec. 31 Wayne For Nebraska Red State Strategies Calls $9,674
    Dec. 27 Hadley For Legislature Galen Hadley Expense Reimbursement $8,457

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