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Explore 262,654 contributions from the people, companies and committees donating to political causes in Nebraska since 1999. Last updated on July 9.


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Explore $139 million spent in Nebraska politics

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Advertising, mailers and other spending by independent groups has grown dramatically. In addition to usual donations and spending, you can see every time a politician was attacked or propped up by these outside committees.

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Details 75,000 purchases by campaigns and interest groups on advertising, polling, salaries, food, car leases and more.

Notable names

  • Pete Ricketts

  • Dick Holland

  • Joe and Marlene Ricketts
    Founder, Ameritrade

  • Dianne Lozier
    Lozier Foundation

  • Keep the Money in Nebraska
    Committee supporting expanded gambling

  • Gambling with the Good Life
    Committee opposed to expanded gambling

  • Nebraskans for the Death Penalty
    Committee opposed to death penalty repeal

  • Nebraskans for Public Safety
    Committee supporting death penalty repeal

  • Retain a Just Nebraska
    Committee supporting death penalty repeal

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    Largest campaign expenses, past 60 days

    Date Paid by Paid to For Amount
    June 7 Insure The Good Life Fieldworks Signature Collection Program $284,663
    May 21 Insure The Good Life Fieldworks Consulting $50,000
    May 16 Committee To Improve Omaha Lovgren Maketing Media/Tv/Radio/Facebook $35,831
    May 18 Yes To Property Tax Relief Lincoln Strategy Group 740 S Mill Ave #200 Tempe Az 85281 $25,000
    June 19 Krist For Nebraska Payroll Maxx Payroll Services $24,430
    June 6 Pete Ricketts For Governor Engage Data Data Services, Telephone Interviews $21,668
    June 7 Pete Ricketts For Governor Jbest Company Fundraising $20,776
    June 5 Ebke For Legislature Cut Throat Print Consulting, L Printing And Postage $20,088
    May 24 Friends Of The University Pac Peetz &Amp; Co Consulting $15,000
    June 15 Pete Ricketts For Governor Intuit Payroll Fees, Payroll Placeholder $14,722

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