Nebraska 12
Northwestern 0

Nov. 27, 1902 • Antelope Field, Lincoln

All Hail to Pigskin Kings

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 27 — Nebraska, in a hard fought game this afternoon, defeated Northwestern university of Chicago and Umpire Hall of Lousiville, Ky., by the score of 12 to 0. There was no fluke so far as points were concerned, as the Cornhuskers earned everything they got, and then some, and tonight the scarlet and cream waves over the purple. The game was spectacular from the beginning to the end, one of the chief features being the manifest unfairness of Umpire Hall, who penalized Nebraska eleven times for holding and off side plays, giving the pigskin seven times to the purple in penalizing the Cornhuskers.

It was a bright, clear day. The air was just right for the bleachers and the grand stand, although a little too warm for the players. Six thousand people filled every niche of available seating capacity and crowded against the fence in an effort to see the big contest. It was the biggest and most brilliant assemblage that ever gathered on Nebraska's field.

Nebraska did not play the game she was capable of playing against Minnesota and the Haskell Indians. Captain Westover, the balance wheel of the team, was in the game, but with a game leg that has been operated on three times in the past ten days for an abscess. Benedict was in at quarter, but handicapped by a sprained knee that had been placed in only passable condition by thorough bakings time after time twenty-four hours before the game. Follmer was in at left end, Shedd having been retired some weeks ago by an attack of typhoid fever.

Shedd Sees the Game

Shedd was brought on the field in a carriage and watched the game from the side lines wrapped in blankets and attended by two doctors and his father. His appearance was the cause for loud and prolonged cheering, joined in vociferously by his team mates. Follmer was light, but stayed in the game until near the close of the second half, when he was hauled to the side lines by Captain Westover and Assistant Coach Palmer, protesting all the time that he was all right. Thorpe, out of a sick bed less than a week, was placed at the left extreme and strengthened the positions materially.

Thus handicapped by the loss and injury of players the performance of the Cornhuskers was highly gratifying, in view of the hostile attitude of the umpire, an ex-Illinoisan, suggested by the Northwestern management and finally accepted by the Nebraskan. Northwestern was penalized but four times, and these came chiefly at the suggestion of Referee Clark of Omaha, whose judgment was satisfactory throughout.

Nebraska's goal line remains unsullied. Not a team has carried the ball over that carefully guarded chalk mark this year, not an opponent has even succeeded in kicking a goal from the field. But Nebraska's heart beat uneasily toward the close of the first half today. Taking the ball on the forty-yard line on a punt, the purple warriors gradually plunged into and around Nebraska's left side until the oval was within two feet of the coveted chalk mark, when the final whistle blew and mighty shout went up from thousands of throats. Nebraska's goal line remained inviolate.

In the second half the visitors were never anywhere near scoring. It was within fifteen minutes after the initial kickoff that the Cornhuskers sent Mickel over for the first touchdown. Ringer kicked goal and the score was 6 to 0. There it remained until the middle of the second half, when Mickel was sent over again for the second touchdown. Ringer kicking another goal. Shortly after this Nebraska worked the ball down to within one yard of the purple goal. Bender was sent over for what everyone believed to be the third touchdown, but at this Hall got in his work again claiming he had caught a Nebraskan holding and gave the ball to the opponents. It was at once booted out of the danger and thereafter Nebraska could do nothing more than seesaw back and forth between the middle of the field and the twenty-five yard line of the purple.

As an evidence of the comparative strength of the two teams, an expert on the side line who took notes made the state that during the contest the Cornhuskers by straight foot ball methods carried the leather 336, while their opponents advanced but 124 yards.

Hollister is Mum

Coach Hollister of Northwestern was reticent after the game. He had hoped that his men would score and was disappointed. He seemed inclined to criticize the Cornhuskers for rough play, but it was apparent that his pupils were as great offenders as were the proteges of Coach Booth.

From the beginning to the end the progress of the play was punctuated by long waits while rules were discussed with the officials. Play began promptly at 2:30, but was not terminated until after 5 o'clock.

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