Nebraska 52
Bellevue 0

Nov. 21, 1903 • Lincoln, NE

Bellevue Boys No Match For The Cornhuskers

Lincoln Neb., Nov. 21—This afternoon the Cornhuskers promenaded through the Bellevue team at will, making eleven in the first twenty-five-minute half and forty-one in the second half. The university line-up eloquently tells of the condition of the team, many of the old standbys giving place to younger men, who may be needed in the big games yet to come and were wanted in the line to gather a little experience. The work of the Nebraska line was ragged for a time on defensive play, but on the whole team did all that was expected of it and perhaps more. The lines was practically impervious of all stages of the game, but once Bellevue made a succession of excursions around the end which caused men to smile and wonder whether or not the university had not sent too many good men to the bench.

Nebraska opened hostilities by making two touchdowns, monotonously banging the line or circling the end. Bender missed the first goal, but kicked true on the second, and the score stood 11 to 0. Then Bellevue seemed to take an interest in the proceedings and made three end runs, which brought the ball to Nebraska;s twenty-yard line where it was lost upon an attempt to kick goal from field. The position was not good for such an effort and the attempt surely was a tactical error, for had the visitors kept up their steady progress in the way they seemed to know so well, a touchdown might have resulted and the mighty would have been humbled.

Nebraska then rushed the ball the length of the field in four plays but lost it upon a penalty after it seemed to have crossed the goal line. The half ended with the score 11 to 0 and with Bellevue showing up fairly well in the way of tackling and returning punts.

It Was All Nebraska.

But in the second half there was nothing to it, but Nebraska. The conglomerate team had settled down to work in unison and could not be registered. With no spectacular plays on either side, the ball traveled to the Bellevue goal and Bender again kicked successfully. Score, 17 to 0.

Then the inimitable Bender raised a punt by returning the kick-off to Bellevue’s twenty-yard line after having leaped entirely over the Bellevue fullback who attempted to tackle him. By a narrow margin he missed making a touchdown, being tackled from behind just after he had forced himself from the only man in his path. On the second play the ball went over, Bender kicked his third straight goal and the score was chalked up 23 to 0.

Wilson contributed the greater part of the next touchdown by slapping away for the forty yards on a trick play and then plowing along for twenty more after encountering the enemy. Two more plays sent the ball over and Bender a foot again swung at the right angle enabling him to kick the fourth successive goal. Score, 29 to 0.

Then followed another stately procession across the field for a touchdown with nothing of particular interest to the bored spectators. Bellevue simply was helpless. Bender kicked his fifth goal. Score, 35 to 0.

The conscienceless Bender returned another punt for a touchdown and for the sixth time kicked straight between the posts, making the score 41 to 0.

The next touchdown was made in ragtime, also Bender returned the ball thirty-three yards after it had been licked off to the Nebraska goal line. Stadevan galloped around right end for forty-three yards. Wilson plodding slowly, but ponderously through, over and around the Bellevue players for twenty yards, and Marsh, propelled by gigantic Lush and such others as could spare the time went across. Here Bender tried a bed goal, but missed it. Score, 48 to 0.

End Of The Massacre

Nebraska kicked off, Bellevue fumbled on its second futile attempt to pierce the line, losing the ball. Bender took one little journey around right and and Mason followed with another pleasure tour in the same territory and walked far enough and fast enough to reach a position between the goal posts across the line. Bender kicked his seventh goal for the day. Final score 52 to 0.

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