Nebraska 66
Peru State 0

Oct. 1, 1910

Normalites are Easy for Nebraska

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Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 1— Like so much before a fierce breeze, Nebraska ... the moleskin warriors from the ... Normal school this afternoon ... game of 66 to 0, in their initial ... of the season. From the start the ... failed to get a look-in, and at ... during the whole game was the Cornhusker goal in the least danger. ... Cole had predicted a high score. ... the Peruvians on account of the ... at the Nebraska team is so much ... than it has been for several ... while the Peru team is rated as ... After the first two or three ... it was evident that the visitors entirely outclassed, both as to ... and speed and the knowledge of the game. The strong heavy line of the Cornhusker made it impossible for their ... to make any headway what ... was shown by the fact that but ... yards were chalked up to their ... throughout the whole game. In manipulation of the forward pass ... were also deficient, but one pass ... successful, netting a gain of ... the game, which is an unusually ... number for a minor contest. The ... for the large attendance is ... to the desire to the enthusiasts ... the game under new rules.

Not A Fair Test

... demonstration in today’s game as ... However, a fair test, owing to its onesided nature. It was plainly evident throughout that the new rules have made ... open game than in the past, which ... appeals to the spectator much more ...

... totally impossible for the ... to get a line on the Cornhuskers’ ... use on account of the failure of their ... to retain the ball long enough ... a fair test. But once were Coach ... pupils held for downs. The ball ... more than left the toe of the ... off than the Peru men were held ... after which the Cornhuskers ... possession of the ball and rushed ... their opponents’ goal.

Story of the Game

Nebraska won the toss and chose to defend the east goal. Gilwick kicked off Frank, who returned the ball to the Nebraska twenty-five-yard line. A forward pass failed to gain, after which ... skirted the end for fifteen yards. ___her punted to Peru outside. Peru ___ked from the twenty-five-yard line to ___-yard line. by means of forward passes and end runs the Cornhuskers succeeded in carrying the ball to the Peru ...-yard line, where Rathbone went ... for the first touchdown of the season ... in seven minutes of play. Score, Nebraska 6, Peru 0.

Gilwick kicked off to Frank, who returned to the fifteen-yard line. again the Cornhuskers succeeded in carrying the ... to their opponent’s goal, where Rathbone went over for a second touchdown in another seven minutes’ play/ ... failed to kick goal. Score, Nebraska 11, Peru 0.

Gilwick kicked off to frank, who returned ot the thirty-eight yard line.

After a few downs Peru got the ball ... executed a neat, tricky forward pass around the left end, for which play they ... the applause of the spectators. Nebraska got the ball on downs and Frank punted close to the Peru goal ... recovered the ball and went over ... a touchdown. Frank failed to kick goal. Score, Nebraska 16, Peru 0.

Gilwick kicked off to Warner, who returned the ball to the thirty-five-yard ... the first quarter ended there. At ... beginning of the second quarter the ... was on the Peru eight-yard line. ... punted, and in two minutes Nebraska had another touchdown. Score, Nebraska 27, Peru 0.

Gilwick kicked off to Frank, who returned to the thirty-yard line by a series of forward passes and end runs. Nebraska scored another touchdown just before time was called for the close of the first half. Score, Nebraska 32, Peru 0.

In about four minutes of play another touchdown was chalked up. At this time no Peru men made their first gain through the line, the distance being four yards. Score, Nebraska 38, Peru 0.

Gilwick kicked off to Warner, who returned to the fifty-yard line. By a series of trick passes and end runs the ball was brought to the Peru goal and carried over the lien by a forward pass from Warner to Chauner. Score, Nebraska 54, Peru 0.

Gilwick kicked off to Frank, who returned the ball through a whole field of players to the Peru thirty-five-yard line. The third quarter was called at the close, in which Warner made a spectacular run for a touchdown from a punt catch. Score, Nebraska 60, Peru 0.

Gilwick kicked off to Gibson, who returned the ball to the forty-yard line. The next touchdown was made when Gilwick’s punt was blocked by one of his own men, Frank getting the ball and going over for a touchdown. Score, Nebraska 66, Peru 0.

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