Nebraska 41
Haskell 0

Oct. 15, 1921

Cornhuskers Decorate Belts with Indians' Scalps

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LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 15 — The Haskell institute football eleven fell before the powerful driving attacks of the University of Nebraska grid machine this afternoon. The Redskins warpaint, feathers and all were trailing behind, 41 to 0, when the clash ended.

The copper-skinned athletes were no match for the for the Cornhuskers after the first quarter, when Coach Dawson started his scoring machine in motion and registered to the extent of two touchdowns each quarter during the last three periods.

The showing made by the Nebraska squad brought joy to the hearts of the Nebraska followers, who are now convinced that the Scarlet and Cream shows possibilities of being one of the best teams in the Husker camp in several years.

Wright and Noble headed the Nebraska attack. The speedsters skirted the wings or smashed through the line for substantial gains whenever called upon to carry the ball. Preston, Dewitz and Lewellen also came in for their share of the honors.

In the line Adolph Wenke, Pender boy, played a wonderful game. He broke through and blocked one of Levi's punts which enabled the Huskers to negotiate their first touchdown. Lyman, who battled alongside Wenke, also was a source of worry to the Haskell backs. He was a factor in a number of plays which cost the Indians yardage.

Scouts See Game

The presence of a large number of scouts in the stands made in necessary for Nebraska to keep "under cover." The Huskers devoted most of their time to straight football and towards the close of the game opened up an aerial which netted them two touchdowns.

The overhead work of the redskins failed to worry the Nebraska squad. When the Haskell backfield started an avalanche of passes in the final quarter the Huskers intercepted a pair and knocked down the remainder.

The Indians put up a creditable showing. They fought hard throughout the game and had enough "tricks" in their system to make the game interesting from the spectators' standpoint. Anderson, doughty little halfback, was a demon at advancing the ball and a bear on defense.

Following the first quarter Nebraska was never in danger. The Indians seemed to have spent their best efforts during the opening period and after a scoreless quarter the Nebraska offensive opened with the resulting six touchdowns.

Haskell tossed a scare into the Nebraska camp in the first minute of play. Following the kickoff Anderson, Haskell left halfback, raced around the Nebraska left end for thirty yards. Levi added nine more, but Nebraska seemed to find itself and stopped the attack. Nebraska had a chance to score in the first period but lost when Swanson muffed a pass back of the goal line.

After five minutes of play in the second quarter Dewitz squirmed through the line for nineteen yards and a touchdown. Five minutes later Russell went over. The first half ended: Nebraska 14, Haskell 0.

A sixty-five-yard procession of line plunges and wide end runs gave Nebraska its third touchdown, which was chalked up four minutes after the opening of the third period. Wright put the ball across on a line smash.

Three minutes later Wright and Noble tore loose with some sweeping end runs which enabled Wright to go over for the second touchdown of the quarter.

Two minutes after the fourth quarter opened Nebraska had again scored. Line attacks by Lewellen, who who advanced the ball from the Haskell twenty-yard-line, brought the touchdown.

The final touchdown was a result of an aerial display by the Nebraska gridsters. A forward flip, Hartley to Schoeppel, was good for thirty-eight yards and a touchdown making the forty-one point total.

Some idea of the power of the Nebraska offensive against Haskell may be gained from the fact that Nebraska made twenty-eight first downs to five negotiated by Haskell. The Indians made but one first down in the second half.

The University of Nebraska will go to South Bend, Ind., next week to meet Notre Dame in the annual clash between the two rival elevens.

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