Nebraska 26
Montana State 6

Oct. 13, 1928 • Lincoln, Neb.

Veteran Howell Scores 4 Times to Win Contest

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 13—Nebraska’s Cornhuskers went Bobcat hunting here Saturday afternoon and the result was not so impressive as many had expected.

In round numbers the final tally stood: Nebraska 25, Montana State 6.

The Bobcats, as the gridiron team from the mountainous region of Bozeman, Mont., where the Montana State college is located are known and held the Nebraska powerhouse’s voltage down in the opening period, allowed the Huskers to pile up 13 points in each of the two succeeding periods and held a flock of Husker reserves in check in the final quarter.

97-Yard run by Bobcat

Worden, Montana State fullback, substituted for Richards in the second period, provided the biggest thrill of the contest in the second quarter, when he picked up the ball which the Huskers had kicked around in trying to pass a scant four yards from the Bobcat goal, and ran the length of the field of Montana State’s only points. Russell had been supposed to pass to Lewandowski, but something happened, and the ball was fumbled.

Broadstone, the bulky Husker left tackle, led the chase for the speeding Bobcat and cast himself at the fleeing pair of legs when Worden was about 10 yards from home. But he missed and the Montana State eleven achieved what might be termed a “moral victory” by crossing the Husker goal.

About eight thousand, red, yellow and blue “stickers” encased the witnesses of the game and gave a colorful aspect to what otherwise was a gloomy day, as far as weather was concerned. Rains of the last few days had drenched Memorial stadium sod, leaving it slippery and nullifying the efforts of speedy ball carriers. For an hour before the game, the skies unclosed a steady drizzle that continued through most of the first quarter.

Huskers Under Cover

Nebraska, with Syracuse and Army scouts surveying its play, was under cover throughout the game and failed to display anything but straight football, resorting only a few times to the forward pass.

With the game stowed away after the third quarter, Nebraska assistant coaches gave practically every member of the varsity squad a chance to show his stuff and were indirectly responsible for soiling almost every first rate uniform the athletic department possesses. Altogether 30 Huskers trod on and off the field during the game.

Co-Captain Elmer Holm, guard, who has been recovering from a knee injury, and Harold Peaker of Kearney, second string quarterback, failed to see action.

Blue Howell of Omaha, the charging Husker fullback, scored all of Nebraska’s touchdowns.

Late in the first period, after Montana State’s punt had rolled dead on Nebraska’s 48-yard line and White had torn off a 15-yard run around right end, Howell broke straight through the line and tore on until he was pulled down 12 yards from the goal. Witte added three more yards, and the quarter ended with the ball on the nine-yard line. Russell than plunged two yards and Blueboy took it the rest of the way. McMullen’s placekick was short.

Came Right Back

The second touchdown followed soon. Ashburn returned the kickoff 52 yards to Montana State’s 24-yard line and Howell and Sloan made it first down on the Bobcat 11-yard line. On the next play, Howell tore across the goal standing up, but the play was recalled and Nebraska was penalized five yards for off side play. Howell made the penalty back and six yards besides on the next play, Sloan added two and Blue went over for his second touchdown.

The extra point was added by a fake play. Howell, in position to hold the ball for Sloan, kicker, passed to Lewandowski, who trotted over the line unmolested, And then when the third quarter opened, the powerhouse flashed its power, using 11 plays to cover 62 yards for a touchdown. Howell returned the kickoff 23 yards to Nebraska’s 38-yard line and from then on it was smashing two yards for the third six-point marker. Howell’s kick for extra point failed.

Need Pass Defense

Held for downs later in the third period, largely through failure to complete two successive forward pass attempts, the Huskers surrendered the ball to Montana State and Worden punted on the first play. The ball went 38 yards but Witte brought it back 27 to the Montana 24-yard line. Howell, Russell and Witte again turned on the power and smashed to the eight-yard line, from where Howell smashed the remaining distance without an enemy tackler touching him. Witte place-kicked the extra point, Howell holding the ball.

The Cornhuskers displayed weakness in coping with an aerial assault, an offensive weapon Syracuse is expected to use here frequently, next Saturday. In the second quarter, the Bobcats completed five successive passes and in the third they made three out of four good. Twenty-two aerial flips were attempted altogether by the Montanans and 11 were good for a total of 86 yards. The Huskers tried four and none was completed. Officials made heavy deductions from Husker yardage, taking 110 altogether, while 25 yards make up the total setback for the Bobcats, most of which were for too many passes incompleted.

Considering the slippery conditions, fumbles were surprisingly scarce, the Huskers fumbling four times and the Bobcats once.

The Huskers gained 288 yards by rushing and lost 35, while the Bobcats gained 35 and lost 41.

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