Tracking inmates released early from Nebraska prisons

An Omaha World-Herald investigation

For nearly two decades, the Nebraska Department of Corrections let out hundreds of prisoners too early because of miscalculated release dates. In the wake of a World-Herald investigation, the state extended the sentences of more than 500 prisoners who were still behind bars. Officers also rounded up dozens of released inmates who, according to state officials, still owed time.

But the state didn't pursue 171 convicts whose prison terms would have expired by June 15, 2014, the date chosen by state officials as the cutoff. Of this group, 17 were deported, six died and dozens more moved out of state. The World-Herald ran background checks on the remaining 121 to see how they behaved during their early release, finding that 55 were charged with additional crimes when they should have been behind bars.

The numbers still aren't final; the state has yet to provide a full account of all those affected. Here, for the first time, are the details on each prisoner we know was affected by the sentencing miscalculations.


Released early

Extended sentences



prisoners convicted of crimes after early release


prisoners released early, total


prisoners with extended sentences


collective years re-added to sentences

Released early, then committed more crimes

Aaron L Finney

Aaron Finney, a habitual criminal and thief, was released in April 2010, five years early. Finney racked up 23 misdemeanor charges, including domestic assault and several counts of theft, during his mistaken freedom. Then, in 2013, he was convicted on a felony weapons charge. A judge sentenced him to three years in prison. Under that sentence, he'll be released in 2015, just a few months after his original sentence should have ended.

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Hermino Alamilla

Alamilla, in prison on cocaine-dealing charges, was released on June 29, 2012 — 18 months early. In August 2013, he got drunk and drove around with his best friend, Jerry Ramirez. They got into an accident that flipped the car, killing Ramirez.

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Patricia Jacobsen

Patricia Jacobsen, 28, was released in July 2013, one year early from her sentence for dealing meth. Within a month, she was arrested on a new meth dealing charge — and prosecuted in federal court. After the World-Herald report in June, the state chose to put Jacobsen on furlough — a sort of pre-parole parole — though she still had time remaining on her original sentence. A federal judge then sentenced her in May to five years in prison for her latest meth-dealing conviction.

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More of the 55 early-released inmates with new charges

  • Abejide Abejide

    6 months

  • Bernard L Arneson

    3 months

  • Vincent Joseph Whitemagpie

    5 years

  • Matthew J Pitzer

    2 years, 6 months

  • James M Monie

    3 months

  • Victor L Moore

    1 year

  • Cesar A Medina

    1 year, 6 months

  • Peirce D Hubbard

    5 years

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    Credits: Ben Vankat, Cody Winchester, Matt Wynn / Omaha World-Herald